Milk Duds- 1986

$ 1,200.00


MILK DUDS was shot in the back row of our Studio 6A. Ted, who was an intern, wears the jacket while embracing one of the producers. 

The famous 'Late Night tail logo' was a simple idea that I drew on a piece of paper with the idea of a 'Letterman' jacket for the Letterman show. A bunch of MLB logos were on a table in the art department one night and I drew Late Night in the style of the Orioles and the Dodgers. We made a prototype coat for a bumper with the logo cut out of felt and stuck onto a prop coat.

Once Dave saw this bumper, he had jackets made with this logo and gave them to the entire staff and crew for Christmas. Over the years, the tail logo was used within the show in many ways.

'With David Letterman' was hand drawn in yellow paint onto the chromogenic master print.

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